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Productivity and Efficiency

The technology allows the use of different combinations of hardware and software for a much more efficient operation evaluation. Get to know some of them and apply them, becoming more competitive and safer during the process.

Rotation Sensor

An expandable system with the ability to integrate multiple types of sensors (includes the wireless rotation sensor). One of the major challenges in the concrete industry is the control and management of the mixing process during transportation. Providing timely information during it allows adequate control over the reasons for rejecting concrete on site by quality and adequate logistical control in the stages loading and unloading the material. The most significant cases that cause low affect the quality in the mix are related to the rotation of the drum and the amount of water added in the path from the plant to the site.


Rotation Sensor Features

With this system, operations that already have sensors installed (trimble or generic) can be integrated and sent their data to any advanced telemetry platforms such as Geotab®. In this way, on-board information is shared with platforms such as Command Alkon and/or SAP-based own developments in real time.

• Robust and reliable rotation sensor that represents more stability in automated processes.

Up to 98% of transactions in automatic mode.

• Scalability to integrate any other type of sensor or concrete process variables.

• Integration of maintenance and driving habits as key points of return on investment.

Temperature Sensor

Wireless solution for cold chain monitoring in refrigerated vehicles. Integrated with Geotab devices and platform. Up to four measurement points per vehicle.


• Easy installation.

• Integrated with IOX-RS232/IOX-CAN Geotab devices.

• Monitoring up to four different zones per vehicle.

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