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Navisaf specializes in the use of state-of-the-art technologies by implementing solutions to optimize results in the public and private transport sector.
The Navisaf team is made up of different engineering and psychology professionals specialized in the area of transport, becoming strategic allies in important operations such as yours in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The approach begins by understanding the needs of our client, committing to their challenges, and thus build proposals oriented towards intelligent solutions.


Navisaf as an information technology-based company supports its strategy in 4 fundamental pillars. Each one of them aims to generate optimizations in the operation of each of our customers. As a result, this will be represented in new and better decision making.

Data and


Fleet Availability


Our Technology

Rotation Sensor

An expandable system with the ability to integrate multiple types of sensors, including the wireless rotation sensor. One of the major challenges in the concrete industry is the control and management of the mixing process during transport. Providing timely information during this process allows for control of the quality of concrete on site, as well as control in the loading and unloading process steps for the concrete mix.

Our Technology


Navisaf designed Life Circle for the safety inspection of the vehicle before the daily operation and throughout the day, which allows for visual review of the specific components of the vehicle and its environment, which are also virtually confirmed by the operator through a mobile application.

Our Technology

Speed Governor

Electronic system for maximum speed control in vehicles with gasoline, diesel, gas engines. As the driver reaches the set speed limit, the system initiates a control action to prevent speeding.


Our Customers

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